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Open Mon-Sun
1359 Albany Highway Cannington
0499 992 639
Escape the daily grind and enter a unique social environment of gaming. Come test one of our 50+ Gaming stations consisting of Pcs, Consoles and Virtual Reality.
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Intel i7 with Nvidia 1070 and 32 GB of RAM
Gamer Fuel
Snacks, Soft Drink, Coffee
Private, Parties & Competitions
OMFG i just found this. New lan in canno im guessing?
Glen - Facebook
So excited about Escape Portal, if your into you're gaming go check it out.

David - Facebook
Wow what an experience. A perfect gaming lounge to vs your friends
Stefan - Facebook
Great atmosphere and helpful staff. Will be coming back
Adrian - Facebook
Need to catch up on the latest tv show titles? Our lounge is connected to Foxtel for your viewing needs. With a fully stocked Snack Menu, Latest Games, Special Events, High performance gear and friendly and knowledgeable staff we have everything a gamer could need to relax and play.

Please Remember to have access to your email account and Identification for signup. Customers under the age of 15 require parent/guardian consent on signup.

$ 5 .50
one hour
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Time rolls over and is valid for 90 days
$ 14
three hours
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Time rolls over and is valid for 90 days
Save $2.50
$ 20
five hours
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Time rolls over and is valid for 90 days
Save $7.50
$ 30
All Day Pass
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Mon - Fri. Lasts the entire day from open to close time
$30 for 1 hour
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Single $2 surcharge for hygienic face cover. Requires a friend for safety.
Zombie Night
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Coming Soon

Escape Portal is the place for gamers to meet, compete, and enjoy all things Esports! Come in to watch international events on the big screen in comfort, play the latest game titles, participate in tournaments and experience a unique gaming venue of the 21st century. Escape Portal aims to provide gamers with the best possible experience. Got a suggestion to make us better? Let us know we would love to hear from you
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Sit back, relax and have some Fun at Escape Portal
Birthday Parties
Equipped with the latest video game titles for PC & Consoles, there is plenty of fun for all ages. Providing a unique atmosphere, dedicated party host and specialised party packages to suit your needs Escape Portal is the venue you’ve been looking for.
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Community Focused
We run a range of compeitions such as Weekly Smash Events, CSGO and PUBG competitions.
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